Sunday, August 9, 2009

Morgan's new room

Morgan finally got to redo her room here. We painted the accent wall behind her bed pink, white and orange--her favorite colors! I wasn't so sure at first, but it turned out well. We still have to hang things but she is happy with the outcome.

At home with Maggie

Poor Maggie, she was spayed and had to wear a collar. She had a rough time and needed lots of TLC. Unfortunately, we were having record breaking temps (104 degrees) and have no A/C. We had to take her collar off because of the heat but couldn't leave her alone because she would lick at her stitches. We had to watch her 24/7, which meant during the heat wave we couldn't go to the pool or anywhere to get cool. We felt like we were being held hostage for 2 weeks. All is well now and she is doing great and the temps are back to normal!

Street Fair & Motorcycle Shopping

Today we went to a street fair in Kent, Wa. It was a really good fair, lots of booths and food. Afterwards, we went motorcycle & quad shopping. Here is Jake trying a few of them out!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Every day is race day in Seattle

I think I will put in for the NASCAR assignment, it is cool standing next to a car with 850 hour power that cost over $100.000.00 dollars for the motor alone.

Morgan sporting her new Denny Hammlin T-Shirt

I had the FedEx NASCAR come to my station in Seattle on 07-07-09. Ramona, Jake and Morgan came to see the car and Jake stayed to help me cook hot dogs for my employees. It was a very nice day in Seattle, in the 80's, and everyone had a good time. Morgan and Jake both came out of the deal with real nice hats and T-shirts.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fourth of July camping trip

We went camping with our friends the Schramm's for the Fourth of July weekend. It was great, minus the mosquito infestation. The weather was wonderful, we went over the pass, where we saw snow and then down to Bumping Lake and the American River where we camped. The kids got to make fire with a flint and shoot a new air soft rifle. We also got an ice cream ball which is was Morgan is holding, it really does work and makes great ice cream!

My 40th Birthday at the Jonas Brother's Concert

If you would have asked me last year, what I would be doing on my 40th Birthday, I would have told you that I would be in Italy. Funny how life turns out, instead I ended up taking Morgan to a Jonas Brother's Concert. We went to my favorite restaurant, overlooking the waterfront, and then spent the next 6.5 hrs at the concert (preparty activities and all). It was a really good concert, Jordan Sparks performed (she was great!). It wasn't the birthday that I planned, but it ended up being a great one!

Northwest Trek

We visited the Northwest Trek. It is an a ride thru park, with animals native to our area. There are also several trails to follow on foot. We saw lots of animals, even some new baby mountain goats. It is a beautiful place to visit, with some incredible views!